General Rules & Information

1. The Discipline Committee will oversee overall discipline and maintenance of the hostels.

2. Allotment of rooms in the hostel will be made on presentation of completed form and the slip for having deposited the hostel fees. Once a student joins a hostel he/she will not be allowed to shift to another hostel or to any other room in the same hostel until and unless he/she is permitted. Hostel fee is non-refundable.

3.If a hosteller is found indulging in ragging of juniors, he/she can be expelled or suspended from hostel in accordance with seriousness of his/her involvement.

4. If any student is found to be involved in any kind of guilt he/she shall not be allowed to stay in the hostel.

5. Before leaving the hostel every student shall obtain clearance from the Warden and personally hand over the charge of the room to the hostel Warden.

6. Every student residing in the hostel must join the mess. Individual cooking and messing outside is not permitted.

7. Students are advised not to keep any valuable in their rooms.

8. No one is allowed to use electric appliances in the rooms such as electric heater, immersion rod, electric press etc. In case any student found using them, he will be fined.

9. No male student shall remain absent from the hostel during the night after 8.00 pm in winter and 9.00 pm in summer.

10. No female student will be allowed to remain away from the hostel after 7:00 PM. All female students must report back in the hostel by 7:00 PM.

11. Visitors are not permitted to stay in the hostel after 8.00pm and guests of the students are not allowed to stay overnight in the hostel except with the prior permission of the Warden and under no circumstances for more than two days. Charges for food from hostel mess will be recovered.

12. The room of the student can be inspected at any time by Warden / authorized staff.

13. Playing cricket or any other ball game on the roof of hostel room or in the hostel is prohibited.

14. Busting of crackers, playing with fire works and with colors in the hostel is strictly prohibited.

15. Students shall not play any musical instruments, transistor or radio in their rooms so loud as to disturb others.

16. Items of furniture, fittings, utensils, mess crockery etc. will be replaced at the cost of students, when damaged or stolen.

17. The students will not be allowed to smoke/consume liquor /drugs in the entire hostel premises.

18. Gambling or playing cards is prohibited in the hostel.

19. All TV’s in the common rooms will be switched off at. 10.00pm

20. Guests are generally not permitted to stay in hostel, but father/brother may be allowed to stay in the guest room for specific permission of the hostel warden. The stay must not be more than two days. They have to pay the prescribed charges for Room Rent and food.

21. Women guests are not allowed to visit male residents of the hostel in their rooms.

22. Male guests are not allowed to visit residents in the girl’s hostel.

23. The girl students not allowed to entertain any male students in their hostel.

24. All girl students must make entry in the register available with the female warden before leaving the hostel with particulars i.e. name, address and place, date and time of leaving and time/date of return.

25. Surprise visit by the hostel provost can be made to check the attendance of the girl students. Strict action will be taken against a girl student, if found absent from the hostel.

26. No meals will be served before or after the mess timing, which will be fixed from time to time.

27. Room service is strictly prohibited. However, room service will be provided in case of illness.

28. Any student when caught of encouraging room service will be fined and the fine in such cases will not be less than Rs. 300/- or more. No one can leave the hostel before the expiry of session.

29. Mess utensils, furniture etc. are not to be taken out of the dining hall by the students or anyone else.

30. No one is allowed to share his/her lunch in the college canteen. If, he/she is found guilty, he /she will be punished.