Central Library

A library is a collection of information, sources, resources, books, and services, and the Structure in which it is housed.

Al-Falah University Library started in 1997 with a collection of about 4000 books. The collection of books grows by time to time/ year by year. Now its collection reached up to 62703 of books. To maintain a standard the books mainly acquired from Indian and world’s leading publisher. Now library had been considered one of the most popular libraries of the region. Its popularity is not due to the collection but for its services also.

Indirect our library services are spread over the NCR region. Particularly students of neighbouring colleges as well as faculty members are also getting benefits of its collections.

Lib Opening Time Closing Time
Monday – Saturday 09.00 am 09.00 pm
Circulation Hours 09.10 am 06.00 pm
Library Users Per Day approx                              245

Library rules for Circulation of Books

Users can register themselves for the membership of the Library. All Students, Faculty and staff members are issued bar-coded patron cards. Their entitlements, in terms of the number of books that can be borrowed by them, are as below:

Category of Member No. of Books that can be issued Duration of Issue
Faculty 06 30 day
Admin. Staff 04 14 day
Research Scholars 08 30 days
Postgraduate 06 14 days
Undergraduate 04 14 days
Undergraduate 04 Book Bank For one Semester

Online Networking for Knowledge Sharing

DELNET (Developing Library Network) It is a registered Society, being promoted by NIC National Information Center, Ministry of Information & Technology, Government of India and India International Center, New Delhi. The main objectives of DELNET are to promote resource sharing of million of bibliographical records among the member libraries through various union catalogues and databases, develop network of libraries, collect, store and disseminate information.

With the facility of DELNET, the students and faculty members of the College can obtain books from other libraries on loan basis through DELNET

Information resources are bibliographic and full text in nature. DELNET provides the delivery of physical books through Inter-Library Loans as and when required by Member-Libraries and Photocopies of journal articles that are published in Indian and foreign journals through its Document Delivery Services.

Library Computerization: The Library is fully automated on Library Software Nettlib,. The Acquisition, Periodicals, Circulation, OPAC, and Generation of Reports are controlled by this software.

Book Bank Facility: This is an optional scheme for every student. Rupees 25/- per book, per semester is charged to the student who is willing to avail the book bank facility at the time of their registration in new semester. The maximum number of books issued to student is limit to up to 8 books for the one semester.

Parent Collection
S.No Summary Quantity
1 Total Number of Volumes in Library 62703
2 Total Number of Books in Engineering & Technology 40009
3 Total Number of Books in Education & Training 8523
4 Total Number of Books in Physical & Molecular Science 2206
5 Total Number of Books in Commerce & Management 3621
6 Total Number of Books in Humanities & Languages 2208
7 Total Number of Books in Computer Science 1632
8 Total Number of Books in Social Science 2372
9 Total Number of Books in Polytechnic 2132
10 Total Number of e-Journals (Cengage Learning) 1408
11 Total Number of e-books in Library (DELNET) 1206
12 Total Number of News Papers in Library 12
13 Total Number of Magazines in Library 25

Special Collection Gifted by Late Prof. Abdul Mubeen

Thesis/ Dissertation/ Reports: 58

Newspaper Collection

1. Times of India

2. The Hindustan Times

3. The Tribune

4. Economic Times

5. The Hindu

6. Dainik Bhaskar (Hindi.)

7. Amar Ujala (Hindi)

8. Nav Bharat Times (Hindi)

9. Employment News

10. Inqalab (Urdu)

11. Rashtriya Sahara (Urdu)

12. Azizul Hind (Urdu)


Gale, part of Cengage Learning, has always been at the forefront of innovation in online references. Our line of periodical resources provides the:

♦ Largest and most comprehensiveaggregations of digital periodical content available – with nearly 18,000 titles and 62 collections

♦ Fewest embargos on average

Whatever the needs of our library, Gale provides the solution. From general interest periodicals specifically suited to the needs of public libraries to full-text titles found in our academic databases.

Access link is :


DELNET – Developing Library Network

DELNET has been established with the prime objective of promoting resource sharing among the libraries through the development of a network of libraries. It aims to collect, store, and disseminate information besides offering computerised services to users, to coordinate efforts for suitable collection development and also to reduce unnecessary duplication wherever possible.

Access link is :