Global Sci Tech (VOLUME – 10 NUMBER – 4,OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2018)

About Global Sci Tech

Global Sci-Tech is an Internet Based web application which provides extensibility of Journal that is quarterly published by Al-Falah University. This Web-based Journal system can be offered at different times, locations or event. This System Enables students to submit to focus full length papers, short communication of urgent interest as well as modern review articles and emerging issues in ever science and technology by surfing Internet and fully authority given to them. The Student can Search their Journal using the Web based Journal published by them. We have provided kind of Journal which provides extensibility of Global Sci-Tech.


Prof. Z.H. ZAIDI

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Prof. Khalil Ahmad
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Prof. Z.A. Jaffery
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Prof. Saoud Sarwar
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 Prof. Abdullah M. Jarrah, Jordan
Prof. Akhtar A. Khan, USA
Prof. Ash Mohd Abbas, India
Prof. Carlos Castro, USA
Prof. D. Bahuguna, India
Prof. H.P. Dikshit, India
Prof. H.R. Khan, Germany
Prof. Ishwar Singh, India
Prof. Lovely Agarwal, USA
Prof. M.S. Jamil Asghar, India
Prof. Mohd Zulfiquar, India
Prof. Mohd. Sharif, India
Prof. Mursaleen, India
Prof. Pankaj Maheshwari, USA
Prof. R.K. Pandey, India
Prof. R.M. Mehra, India
Prof. Tabrez Alam Khan, India
Prof. Vikram Kumar, India
Prof. Zahid A. Khan, India