Al-Falah University is governed by the Board of Governors comprising representatives of Al-Falah Charitable Trust (AFCT), Academicians, Principal and Faculty/Staff members. The Chairman of the Board is Managing Trustee of the AFCT. The Director is the Member Secretary of the Board. The functioning of Al-Falah University is governed by the Memorandum of Association of AFCT which is in accordance with Article 30(1) of the Constitution of India. The present Board of Governors are as follows.:

Mr. Jawad Ahmad Siddiqui

Mrs. Usma Akhtar
Ms. Alia Siddiqui
Mr. Sufyan Ahmad Siddiqui
Mr. Irfan Hayat

Prof. Zahid Hussain Zaidi
Two staff from Teaching Faculty
Two staff from Technical Department
Two staff from Administrative Department

Member Secretary