Department of Mechanical and Mechanical & Automation Engineering


Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the largest departments in the university with an intake of over six hundred students. The department runs two under graduate courses namely B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering and B.Tech. in Mechanical & Automation Engineering. The department also runs three post graduate courses namely M.Tech in Manufacturing and Automation, M.Tech in Machine Design and M.Tech. in Thermal Engineering. The department is also running PhD Program in Mechanical Engineering. The department is fully equipped with dedicated faculty and robust infrastructure to improve the quality of education in Engineering and Technology both at undergraduate and post graduate levels.


Graduate Courses

  1. B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
  2. B.Tech (Mechanical & Automation Engineering)


Post Graduate Courses

M.Tech (Manufacturing Technology & Automation Engineering)

  1.  M.Tech (Machine Design)
  2. M.Tech (Thermal Engineering)
  3. M.Tech (Production & Industrial Engineering)


Doctorate Courses

Ph.D (Mechanical Engineering)

List of Laboratories of The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical & Automation Engineering are:

2.Engineering Graphics Lab
3. Engineering Mechanics Lab
4. Strength of Materials Lab
5. Kinematics of Machines Lab
6. Dynamics of Machines Lab
7. Measurement & Instrumentation Lab
8. Computer Aided Design and Drafting Lab
9. Manufacturing Technology Lab
10. Theory of Metal Cutting Lab
11. Metrology & Quality Assurance Lab
12. Modern Manufacturing Process Lab
13. Mechatronics Lab
14. Robotics Lab
15. Fluid Mechanics & Machines Lab
16. Internal Combustion Engines Lab
17. Automobile Lab
18. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab
19. Steam & Power Generation Lab
20. Material Science Lab
21. Heat Transfer Lab
22. Basics of Mechanical Engineering Lab