Department of Computer Science & Engineering


Computer Science Department of Al-Falah School of Engineering and Technology was established in 1997. This is one of the leading departments in this campus providing highly technology-oriented programmes to meet today’s needs of young minds, a department having highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teaching faculty to impart knowledge in various fields including recent technologies helping students to take on any problem related to Computer Science, a field in which kaleidoscopic changes are occurring incessantly opening new avenues, unraveling new vistas and extending the horizons of knowledge with every passing day.

With the right mix of creative talents, use of innovative technologies and strong relationships with various industries, the Department delivers quality methods of teaching that help students enhance their knowledge, understand the importance of being leaders in the area of their interest and provide them with an unbeatable edge to success in today’s demanding work place and global market. The frantic efforts made in this direction never go in vain. As a result our students to achieve their target of entering into big business houses or heading for esteemed Institutions in the country and to the foreign shores for higher studies.

These activities build capacity for both individual and organizational vitality through a framework of comprehensive professional development that addresses responsibilities of academic service, capability to adapt to challenges and building communities of learning and practice. Academic is always on our top most priority. The Department is having a rich history of producing University toppers and rank holders. In the previous University exam results we got maximum number of merits in the entire University. Reaching at the top was certainly not easy but retaining it is even tougher. In pursuit of retaining our position at top we have started extra classes on Saturdays where faculty members are putting special emphasis on weak students.

The Department organizes activities like seminars, group discussions, technical debates etc. The department has one large computer centre and three computer labs having more than 550 computers with latest configuration for the exclusive use of students.

It also has ‘Cyber Surfing Lab’ which provides internet facility through Radio Link Tower to the students as well as to the faculty and other staff members. This lab is used for web surfing and also for procuring useful information from the internet. The licensed software’s available in the Computer Labs are Auto CAD 2002, Turbo C++, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000,Clients & Server, Linux, Oracle, Oracle 91, Visual Studio, NET, MS Office 2000 proxy server, java, Norton Anti viruses 2004, Macromedia Flash M X prolog & LISP.

The Faculty and supportive staff who have worked in an exemplary team spirit to enable the Department to grow from strength to strength.

Objectives of CSE Department

  1. To help faculty, staff and students maximize the value of computer science and Information Technology.
  2. To deliver leading edge information technology and Engineering services.
  3. To maintain reliable up to date technological infrastructure to meet changing service demand.

Core Values of CSE Department


We envision the possibilities that technology can bring.


We apply technology solution to challenges & opportunities.


We seek to use technology as a foundation for creating a more efficient and more effective for our students.


To ensure that our knowledge, skills and abilities enable us to encourage others.


We motivate others to utilize technology to enhance their productivity.


Graduate Courses

B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering)

Post Graduate Courses

M.Tech (Computer Engineering)

Doctorate Courses

Ph.D (Computer Science & Engineering)

The following well equipped Laboratories:

1- Fundamental of Computers & Programming Lab

2- Data Structure Using C Lab

3- PC Lab

4- Digital electronics Lab

5- Multimedia Lab

6- Computer Graphics

7- Web Development

8- Operating System Lab

9- Microprocessor Lab

10- Compiler Design Lab

11- Neural Network Lab

12- Adv. Java Lab

13- Internet Lab

14- OOPS Lab

15- Fundamental of Computers & Programming Lab

16- Object Oriented Programming Lab using C++

17- Database Management System Lab

18- Internet Fundamental Lab

19- Intelligent System Lab

20- Digital System Deign Lab

21- Computer Network Lab

22- Visual Programming Lab

23- Artificial Intelligence Lab

24- Operating System Lab